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Thanks for Stopping By, and I Hope that all is well with You & Yours. If You’re Interested, I have 2 Recommendations on this Website, for Improving the Quality of Your Life. The 1st One is, to Add some Memory Foam Comfort to Your Day, with a Comfort Cushion like The Orthopedic Tiger.

The 2nd One is, to Check Out This Really Cool Way to Borrow Thousands using Balance Transfers. In 2014, I Financed my Plans for Fortune & Glory by Starting an Amazon Business. That’s when I Shipped a lot of Orthopedic Tigers to Amazon’s FBA Program.

It’s 2017 Now, and my Plans just went up in Smoke. Amazon emailed me to say that My Inventory, is now Amazon’s Inventory.   So, My Plan B is in the Video Below:

The Transfer Your Balance 101 Training Series

Hi There, My name is James P Shea, and Welcome to Coinlin.us. In the mid 1990s, I had to give up Construction for Health reasons, so I’ve been trying to learn How to make my Fortune Online since the Dot com Boom of the 90’s. The School of Hard Knocks.

I learned how to Design and Build WordPress Websites, plus about Graphic Design, Web Design, and Video Production to start. I Financed most of This Training, The Hardware, & Software for almost 20 years, using Balance Transfers. Without them, I wouldn’t be able to do any of this .com stuff, or own a Mac Pro Computer.

I Created The Transfer Your Balance 101 Training Series, to share with anyone who’s interested, what I’ve Learned from Using Credit Card Balance Transfer Offers, for a Really Long Time. I thought they were a Great Deal back in 96, and still do.

So, If You’re interested in Learning More about the Best Practices for Borrowing Thousands in Cash or Credit, at Interest Rates as Low as 3% for up to 21 Months, Visit transferyourbalance.us Today.

This 4 Part Training Series is 100% FREE!   You can Download it Now, by entering your email address On The SideBar. Then, You’ll be sent by email “The Ultimate JumpStart Guide To Balance Transfers.pdf”, The Transfer Your Balance 101 Blueprint, The TYB 101 APR Compounder, and a lot more…

For a Sneak Peak inside The Ultimate Jumpstart Guide to Balance Transfers, Plus a Demo of The 4 Part Balance Transfer Training Series, Click on the iPad image to the right in the SideBar, and Watch the Video on the FAQs Page.

You can also check out The Transfer Your Balance 101 Blog, where my Videos will be Sharing with You, How You can Save a Lot of Money on Interest, if You can Learn How to Manage Your Balance Transfer Details.

I also set up a FREE Stuff Page, where You can Learn about a Cheap & Easy Tooth Ache Remedy, sold in most Grocery Stores. I’ll also be Showing You Where to Find some of The Best Balance Transfer Offers available.

They call them Balance Transfers, because we have to Keep Transferring Our Balances, to Keep Qualifying for those Really Low Interest Rates. So when You’re Ready to get Started, you just need at least 2 Credit Cards that Offer Balance Transfers, to follow this 5 Step System to Balance Transfers. Then follow the System.

If you already have some Credit Cards, you can call them on the phone, and ask them to send you some Balance Transfer Offers in the mail. If they say Yes, then You just follow the 5 Step System to Balance Transfers. If they say no, You’ll need to Apply for some that do.

It’s Really Easy to fill out The Transfer Your Balance 101 Blueprint, and I show you 3 Different Ways to do it, in 3 different Videos, moving on.

The Orthopedic Tiger, is Being Pouched by Amazon

I built this Website to Promote The Orthopedic Tiger. An image of The Orthopedic Tiger by Coinlin, is an Amazing Comfort CushionBut, until my Grievance with Amazon is resolved, I’m sorry to say that my complete Tiger inventory has been seized by Amazon. First, I had 40 Tigers turn up Missing on their way to Amazon, and now this. WTF…

Napoleon Hill talks about Looking for a Seed of Equivalent or Greater Benefit, when Life Knocks Us Down. When Amazon Locked Me Out of Amazon’s Website Last Summer, it Forced me to Spend the Last 6 Months Creating The Transfer Your Balance 101 Training Series.

So, I Hope that if You’re interested in Learning more about Balance Transfers, that You like The Free 4 Part Training Series. I Think that if You Practice the 5 Step System in the Videos, You’ll be doing them like a Champ, Before You do Your 1st one.