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The Orthopedic Tiger

The Orthopedic Tiger an Amazing Comfort Cushion
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is a Coccyx Styled, Contoured Shaped, Memory Foam Comfort Cushion, sold on Amazon.com. It was designed to take a bite out of your Lower Back Pain, with its 3 1/4″ of portable comfort.

When it comes to Pain Relief for Sciatic Nerves, and the Lower Back, Coinlin’s Orthopedic Tiger has the added comfort you need. It combines Memory Foam Cushioning for comfort, with a Coccyx Cutout for spine elevation, and a Contoured Shape for lower back support, to promote better posture.

This triple benefit Orthopedic Design, can relieve back pain naturally, while adding comfort to your day, and it doesn’t even look like a medical device. The Orthopedic Tiger will be on the job 365 days a year, and is ready for a long day when you are. It also comes with Free Shipping, when you spend over $49 on Amazon, or when you order 2 or more Orthopedic Tigers.

A Faith Filled Message From Our Blog…

Healthy Messages From Our Blog…

1) Funny Pages, provides videos to make us laugh. It’ll have a collection of some funny videos from YouTube. I started out with the Honeymooners, because they’re not only funny, but they also have some good old fashioned family values in every episode. They also demonstrate how to create lasting friendships by being ourselves, and always making things right in the end, when things go wrong.

2) Healthy Remedies, provides Cheap And Easy To Do Remedies for our Physical Health. Our first two articles are about How To Relieve A Tooth Ache for pennies a day by visiting Walmart, or the local pharmacy. The other article, is about How To Fight Cancer Cells, with 2 tablespoons of Fruit Juice a day.

3) Healthy Thoughts, provides images with Quotes on them, related to Getting Out Minds Right. Our first few articles are on how Happiness Is A Choice that we make, or we don’t make. The other is about How To Pray For What We Want, which is for a Solution to our problems, or the end result we’re looking for. In other words, how to ask GOD for What We Want, so we’ll Receive What We Want in GOD’s Perfect Timing, instead of receiving what we’re afraid we’ll get.

4) How To Succeed, provides a collection of YouTube Videos to Inspire Us To Prosper And Succeed, no matter what comes our way. It’ll have videos from people like  Tony Robbins, Brendon Burchard, Tim Ferriss, and others. Money can’t buy us Love, or Happiness, but it can allow us to live a better quality of life. It’ll also allow us to be more generous, when the opportunities present themselves. Success leaves clues, and you will find a few of them here.

5) Spiritual Guidance, provides YouTube videos related to our Spiritual Well Being. It has a collection of inspirational messages, To Help Us Feel Better About Ourselves in the Good Times, and in the Tough Times. How we all can have a Healthy relationship with our Conscience, and our GOD if we want to. It’ll have some videos from my favorite Preacher Joel Osteen, plus TD Jakes, and other inspirational speakers.

I hope that you find something on this website that improves the quality of your life in some way. Laughter promotes Good Health, because it reminds us to not take ourselves or others too seriously, and it puts us in a Good Mood too. If you don’t find the Honeymooners or any of our other content funny, I’m sure you can find plenty of videos to laugh at on YouTube.

Transfer Your Balance.us, is a website that I created, to share what I’ve learned from using Credit Card Balance Transfer Offers for about 20 years. If your interested in learning more about the Best Practices for Using Balance Transfers, visit www.transferyourbalance.us.

When the website is finished, we’ll have a FAQs page, a Blog, and a Free Report covering everything you need to know about Balance Transfers. The Blog will focus on everything we should know about the upside, and downside of doing Balance Transfers. In other words, we can save a lot of money on interest if we do it right, or spend a lot on interest, if we do what the Credit Card Companies hope we’ll do.