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I Hope all is well with You & Yours. Coinlin was the Home of The Orthopedic Tiger, a High Density Coccyx Memory Foam Comfort Cushion, but I’m sorry to say, not any more. It’s a Long Story about a few simple mistakes I made, that after only a few years ended in failure.

In Short, I got some Online Training on How to Buy, before I An image of The Orthopedic Tiger by Coinlin, is an Amazing Comfort CushionLearned How to Sell. The Training said to be Different, so I picked a Great Product that was Created for Older People with injuries. But, I Designed my Orthopedic Tiger to Add Comfort with Style for a Younger Market. Before I knew it, the People that trained me to sell on Amazon, trained another 50 Competitors selling similar Comfort Cushions.

Then, in the Summer of 2016, after Amazon Locked me out of my account, and Refused to make some Simple Edits to my account, I realized that Amazon had shut down my Comfort Cushion Business, because they wanted to run up my Bill instead.

So as a result, I chose to Create an Online Training Series about Low Interest Financing, using Balance Transfers. My Training is not about How to be Careful when You see an Opportunity Online that looks Too Good to be True. Instead, It’s about How to Borrow Cash or Credit, and Average a 3 – 5% APR, year after year using Balance Transfers.HD-XL-Orthopedic-Grey image

Since Coinlin hasn’t been able to Generate an income since the Amazon Lock Out in 2016, Coinlin has also Lost it’s entire HD XL Orthopedic Inventory as well.

But, if you Purchased one of our High Density Extra Large Orthopedic Memory Foam Seat Cushions, or The HD XL Orthopedic, You’re Entitled to a Free Gift. Since “The Law of Allowing, It’s Biblical” is no longer available, you can Download 5 Cheap & Easy Remedies, by Clicking on it’s Image on The Sidebar. It has a really good Tooth Ache Remedy in it.

You’re also Entitled to Unlock The Free 7 Day Transfer Your Balance 101 Night School, if you’re interested in Learning More about Low Interest Financing. The video below, will Demonstrate to you how Easy it is to Average a 3 – 5% APR year after year using Balance Transfers. I did them nonstop for almost 20 years, and thought they were a Great Deal right from the start.

The Transfer Your Balance 101 Training Series

In January of 2017, my Plans with Amazon went up in Smoke when Amazon emailed me to let me know that Amazon was going to “Dispose of my Inventory,” whatever that means. Amazon shut down my only way to Generate an income in 2016, to save my business.

I warned Amazon many times in 2016, that if they run up my Bill to try to steal my Inventory legally, I’ll be filing a complaint with The Attorney Generals Office. So, while their was still hope to save my HD XL Inventory, I chose to spend my time Creating some Online Training, instead of just accepting this temporary defeat, as a permanent failure.The Ultimate JumpStart Guide To Balance Transfers iPad Image

In this Free Training Series, You’ll Learn Everything I Know about using Balance Transfers for Financing. In 2014, after doing Balance Transfers for almost 20 Years, I Financed my Amazon FBA Business, the Inventory, Plus the Online Training that showed me How to do it. I Financed it all at a 3 – 5% Interest Rate, using Balance Transfers.

Learning How to Create a Successful Online Business has been a Long Road, and I’m not there yet. I think I made almost every mistake possible, since I chose this goal in 1999. Some of the mistakes I made were out of my control, like in the case with Amazon when they Shut down my Comfort Cushion Business completely.

In 1999, I began Learning about Graphic Design, Web Design, and eventually Video Production. I’m still learning How to use WordPress, How to do video Blogging, and How to Share it all on Social Media. It’s Pretty Complicated Stuff when You first start out, because You need to Learn a huge amount of information, about Stuff that is Changing all the time.

So I Created The Transfer Your Balance 101 Training Series my way, at an Affordable Price. (Free) The Training will Share with anyone who’s interested, what I’ve Learned from Using Credit Card Balance Transfer Offers, for a Really Long Time. I thought they were a Great Deal back in 1996 when I started doing them nonstop, and I still do. My plan was to find some sponsors to pay for Your training.

So, if You’re interested in Learning More about Financing at Interest Rates as Low as 0% for 15 Months, You can Click on this Link, Transfer Your Balance 101 Night School. That link will take You to a video about the 4 Parts that make up The Transfer Your Balance 101 Night School.

The Orthopedic Tiger was Pouched by Pirates, I mean Amazon

I built this Website to Promote The Orthopedic Tiger. But, my Grievance with Amazon, was ignored by them until they could run up my bill to about $15,000 in Penalty Storage Fees in 2016. So I’m sorry to say that my complete Tiger inventory, was taken from me by Amazon. First, I had 40 Tigers turn up Missing on their way to Amazon, and now this. WTF…

I Created a YouTube Commercial to Sell my Orthopedic Tigers to a Younger Audience on YouTube in the Summer of 2016, but Amazon shut it down. Due to a false advertising issue created by Amazon and their Lock Out, I wasn’t able to run a YouTube ad campaign to Promote it.

Instead, Amazon buried The Tiger somewhere on their website and in Amazon’s Warehouses, where no one could find them but Amazon. I think it’s time for me to contact The Attorney General’s Office, because I don’t have to spend anymore time trying to save my HD XL Orthopedic inventory anymore.

Napoleon Hill who wrote “Think and Grow Rich,” talks about Looking for a Seed of Equivalent or Greater Benefit, when Life Knocks us Down. When Amazon chose to ignore my repeated requests to make some critical changes to my account in the Summer of 2016, it Forced me to Spend the next year Creating The Transfer Your Balance 101 Training Series.

So, if you’re interested in Learning more about using Balance Transfers for Low Interest Financing, I hope You’ll take a few minutes to check out this video about The Transfer Your Balance 101 Night School. I Think that if You Practice the 5 Step Formula I used for about 15 Years, You’ll be doing them like a Pro, before You do Your 1st Balance Transfer.